Whoever said time heals all wounds, lied

Because time is not on my side

And doesn’t seem to even want to be an ally

Because this choad keeps repeating itself

Torturing me with ground hog day

Looking at the same thing

Got me senseless

Expecting a different outcome

But with the same hour glass

He is controlling me through the spin of his hands

As if I did something to him

Holding me hostage with his scythe

He got me tripping

Heart still swollen with pain

Eyes stinging from bitterness

Lips cracked from the heat of life

Now remind me again….

Who said time heals all wounds

Because Father Time got me down…low to the ground….

Feenin for the new…


Hand-Made Love

Naturally kissed by the sun

Caramel sweet skin

Eyes touched by the stars

Bright when the world is dark

Curves mapped for perfection

Prepared for strength

The mane of a goddess

Flowing waves of grace

A smile of innocence

Accompanied by a caring heart

Hand made in the image of an angel

All selectively created from love, by love, for love

*****Dedicated to my angel on earth….my sweet ladybug******

Fab Green

Your smile lit up a room
Your voice, the song that set the mood
Your energy kept the party going
Your courage fit for a knight

Courage that made you victorious in your struggles
Courage that hid the pain of the aftermath
Courage that that healed the scars from the war
And set you among some of the greatest

With each high step
You never stepped over
You stepped with
Even when those around you did not want to step with you
Your loyalty and character wouldn’t allow you to leave them behind

Your intentions, often overlooked, were always for the good
Your love, sometimes overshadowed by your trials, could never be questioned

Despite it all, you accomplished so much
And in your shortened life, left a legacy

A legacy of love, devotion, and perseverance
You truly lived up to your name
Ms Tina “Fab” Green

~In memory of you my Tina~

No Words Spoken

Deep breaths
Crossed arms
Sighs of hurt
Swollen eyes
Aching head
Sleepless nights
Blank stares
Window gazing
Closed eyes
Turned back

No words spoken

Fluorescent body language
Screaming silence
Upon blind eyes and deaf ears

The Unexpected

Sometimes life has a way of giving you the unexpected
Even when you expect the unexpected, the greatest of the unexpected peeks her head around the corner
Yes I said her…because she can be the bitch you hate and the bitch you want to be
Because she gives you the pain right where it hurts because she is meticulous
She is observant and strokes the keys that make you tickle
In the process she becomes her own enemy because she has allowed her unexpected to take a hold of her
She takes it out on herself and those who dare to cross her path
Her sleek ways are enticing and draw you near
Making you drop your guard
So she is the very one you fall in love with
But she is also the unexpected you hate to see coming

Forever After

Love has never lived here like this
At least not in this lifetime
Maybe before when my innocence was in tact
My emotions pure

Never has loved ever felt this good
Not in these 3 decades
Love so stable, so consistent, so kind, so soothing

Thought this kind of love only existed in fairy tales
Where ever after was happy
Genuine and true

Ignorant to love bringing butterflies
To tickle your tummy and make your heart beat
Love bringing oxygen to inflate your lungs to breathe the same air
Love vibrating vocal cords to scream out proclamations of only death to separate

Love has never lived here like this
And forbid if it ever leaves to evolve to another lifetime
Taking it with it all that have become my inner spirit
My life being removed from this world to await the next time around
For the same love with the same being
Until our forever after

Verse 2

I want to make the most sincere, tear jerking, emotionally bonding, soul connecting love to you. Where we both are overwhelmed with what our energy brings & when the climax of the moment seals our being…it is my hope that we can lie as one…one pulse, one breath, one spirit. Forever.